Here are just a few of the varied range of Hand Woven & Wool coffins that we have available. Eco-Friendly caskets are a beautiful and natural solution to a difficult problem. We understand that in recent times, people are wanting to say “farewell” in a more environmentally friendly, alternative way and we have embraced this. Our eco range has been hand selected by Silver Dove Funerals in order to provide you with an environmentally alternative farewell.

Eco Friendly Coffins

A selection of sea grass, willow and wool woven coffins with all natural fibres and natural liners. Other selections are available, please discuss with your arranger.

Green Funerals

In providing 'Green Funerals', Silver Dove Funerals sources eco friendly options that can be useful for you and your family. Below are just some of the ways that we provide a Green Funeral. Environmentally friendly coffins and caskets, Bio-degradable garments for your loved one Instead of utilising a printed newspaper, we will take advantage of the online services available in any and all press notices All stationary used in memorabilia will be used from recycled goods Catering / refreshments from locally sourced providers using organic produce. To have your green or eco-friendly wishes recorded, please contact Silver Dove Funerals to pre-arrange your wishes.